Sunday, 19 April 2015

#350 YS&YS for 21Shoe April 2015

I was familiar with YS&YS skins, but it wasn't till 21Shoe that I realised they did other things too.  Today I sharing two pairs of beautiful shoes, Rapallo Chic Pure and Rapallo Summer B&W, both rigged for SLink and Maitreya high feet, and both pairs for the two-for-one price of $350L.

YS&YS for 21Shoe April 2015

In case you are unfamiliar 21Shoe before, it is a a 24-hour event that takes place on the 21st of each month. The event offers virtual shoeaholics (Zsa raises her hand high) the opportunity to snap up new and exclusive shoes at two-for-one pricing.  Each designer provides two pairs of shoes which are either new or exclusive, but always two for the price of one.  For more information, and a catalogue of each month’s offerings, please visit the 21 Shoe blog here.

The shoes are only available at each designer’s mainstore, so to grab these fantastic shoes, head straight to YS&YS on the 21st.

Pose:  Pretense Poses - My Foot Obsession

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