Tuesday, 6 October 2015

#420 Life is short, smile while you still have teeth

Post #420

It has been a long time since there was such a gap in my blog posts but real life has been getting in the way, firstly my lovely godmother passed away, and this so near to my mum's passing has been pretty hard to deal with.  I also broke a tooth and as it was right at the back, chose to have it removed rather than have a root canal, but I got an infection which won't clear so have been pretty demented for over a week with no sign of sanity returning just yet.

Anyway I have a lot I want to show you so I took some painkillers and made a start.  As always I am a happy bunny when Candace Hudson produces something new - I don't think she has ever made anything I don't love and this set is no different. The mesh top comes in the five standard sizes, but I had absolutely no issues at all wearing this with my Maitreya Lara mesh body.  The set comes in this blue and a lovely pink cherry.

My hair is new from Elikatira and so easy to wear, I fancied going blonde again as Elika's blondes are so pretty - well all her colours are but blondes are so new to me I really have fun playing with them.

Post #420

I am wearing another beautiful new jewelry set from Indulge Temptation (!IT!) which is a 60L sale item - there are 3 different sets to choose from and all come with a hud allowing a whole heap of texture changes.  They are still up for 60L as we speak and will hopefully be for about a week, but just in case, waste no time and get yours soon.  

Post #420


Maitreya Lara
 WoW Skins Diva Tan 
Elikatira Claudette - Blondes Hud

Mon Cheri Falsies Eyelashes
 Encore Maitreya Nail Appliers - Set 19

Hudson's Denim Side Slit Top
Hudson's Blue Satin Painted Belted Skirt
Shoes:   KC Couture  Azaria Ankle Chains

Indulge Temptation - Hathor Necklace
Meva Asia Bangle

KaTink  Vivian & Misaki (close up)
 KaTink Kingdom backdrop

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  1. Oh my god, my deepest condolences, I had no idea, I am so sorry you had to go through such pain, and you did it with such grace. Only an amazing person like yourself can endure all these, and still manage to bring beauty to the rest of the world - hugs!!!

  2. Thank you so much, what a lovely thing to say. It has been a tough year, I think blogging saved my sanity when I lost my mum in February. I thought I would never blog again but found myself blogging more just to give my mind something else to think about. Now losing my godmother just six months later, I am trying to keep busy, but it is a real battle at times. People like you with your lovely words and the gorgeous shiny thingsyou make are what makes it worth keeping on going even when I dont feel like it. xx