Sunday, 6 March 2016

#468 Fashion for Life is open!

This event has become a mainstay of the fashion community and  it is exciting to see this tradition  continue with a special 10th anniversary event. Fashion For Life will open its doors today, March 6th 2016 and will run for 14 days, closing at 6pm SLT on March 20th. 

The Fashion For Life event  began as a dream 10 years ago with 34 designers participating all with a special reason to fundraise for Relay For Life. Since that date, it has grown to over 180 Designers covering 10 sims and has raised close to 20 million Linden Dollars for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society .  To celebrate this Special Event and Milestone, Amethyst Starostin and Nevar Lobo, the founders of the Clothing Fair in 2006, have returned to plan this amazing event.

This year is going to be a trip back in time and Celebrate the history of the Clothing Fair (Fashion for Life). Prepare to be immersed in 10 of the greatest sims built by some of Second Life's most talented builders. What is the Theme you ask ? Well its :  " THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT"   I like the sound of that!

There will be fabulous designers,  Live Musicians and DJ's; and T1 Radio will be covering 24/ 7 throughout the fair.  But that is not all:   With over 150 designers, the event will also offer One of A kind Auctions and Fashion Shows; plus a Treasure Hunt, and a Photo Contest. Another highlight is the fabulous Elysium Cabaret Dance troupe that will be there to perform not one but two shows during the event. 

For more details, visit the Fashion for Life website here

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