Thursday, 6 June 2013

A gown to make you drool

Is this not an incredibly beautiful gown?  I only discovered DandelionWine recently, but am already a fan, their clothing is super cute - or in this case, absolutely stunning.  I didn't even need to tweak my shape at all, the S just slipped on perfectly.

Anyone who has read a few of my posts will probably realise I am HUD fanatic, so this dress had me jumping up and down with excitement as it comes with 14 - yep, 14 - different textures - some solid colours, some gradiented, some pastels, some rich colours, there is something here for every occasion.  Some of the textures would even make a wonderful wedding dress.

As with everything in DandelionWine, this dress is 10L until 10 June, so hurry up and grab it!

ZZ is wearing:

Dress:  DandelionWine - Long Evening Dress
Hair:  Truth - Tristana Burgundy
Skin:  Belleza – Chloe Tan

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