Wednesday, 10 February 2016

#459 Update - I am home :)

Hi everyone

I fully intended to keep you all updated on how I was doing, but not long after my last post, I took a turn for the worse, and though I can't actually remember much about it, apparently they had a real battle to bring me back. 

I am glad to be home, even though very shaky and exhausted.  Makes not much sense considering I have spent more than a week in bed!  Basically there is a problem with one of my kidneys and I will have outpatient tests and procedures to see if they can find what the problem is.

Meantime I am resting and getting myself better, and I will start blogging as soon as I am able - I feel a bit lost without it, but I need to gather some energy and some brainpower together (both of which seem to have been eaten up during my hospital stay).

Thank you to those who sent me messages after my last post, even if I didn't see them till I got home and got email properly, they made me smile.

Lots of love


Thursday, 4 February 2016

#458 Blogger Interrupted

I started contacting people to let them know I was having technical issues with my one month old pc :( but I would hopefully be back to normal blogging soon. 

However before I could finish letting people know, fate had other ideas and I am writing this from my hospital bed in one of the rare moments I am not half demented by pain.  They don't know yet what is wrong but I am having more tests today.

Hopefully normal blogging service will be resumed as soon as possible.  Apologies everyone, I did not see this double whammy coming.