Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Cute Doll

This lovely "Mesh beach hippy dress" is by Cute Dolls at The Wash Beach Party event.  For your 10L you get not one dress, not even two, or three, or four - you get five!  2L a dress!  Even better, it comes with a hud for the texture change, so doesn't clog up your inventory with five separate dresses.

The textures range from very bright to the more muted such as I am wearing here, which I like for the ombre effect and the little dragonflies (or butterflies?) at the bottom.  You get 5 mesh sizes.

ZZ is wearing:

Dress:  Cute Dolls at The Wash (10L for 5)
Hair:  Analog Dog - Tantrum
Skin:  Belleza - Chloe Tan (not free)
Feet:  GOS

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