Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Meshy Flexi Loveliness

“Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance” 
J Petit-Senn

Red Treasure
I took a while to warm to mesh for the same reason as most - having to tweak my shape to make it fit.  I still find that mildly irritating (and annoying to have a folder full of my basic shape, tweaked for different designer's items) but to me the benefits of mesh far outweigh that niggle.

One thing that mesh simply can't do though is give me the wonderful floaty Ginger Rogers-esque movement of a beautifully made flexi skirt, so for dancing I always pull a flexi out of my invo.

When a designer manages to blend mesh and flexi well in one outfit that is a cause for celebration.  I say "well" because there are not many that actually do it - the flexi prims usually looking like a last minute, slapdash option, which just looks totally wrong, rather than blending perfectly into the dress.

This dress blends mesh and flexi better than any I have found so far, and has been one of my favourite cocktail dresses ever since I found it.   The texture is absolutely stunning, unlike anything I have seen anywhere else in sl, and just pulling this dress on makes me want to dance.

The dress also comes in an equally lovely black, and if it came in other colours, or a fat pack, of course I would have every single one!

There are two options, a slimmer skirt, shown above, or the full version, below - I wear them both together, as in the second pic below, as I like plenty of fullness for dancing.

Red Treasure


Dress:  Hudson's - Red Evening Treasure Dress
Shoes:  Gos - Eva Slingback, silver
Jewellery:  Maxi Gossamer - Solitaire Heart necklace and earrings, silver

Skin:  Belleza – Shyla Tan 3
Hair:  Truth - Aurora, treacle
Eyes:  IKON - Ascension, Sahara 
Eyelashes: Redgrave - 6, natural
Eyeliner:  Gaeline - V2, black
Hands:  SLink - casual
Nail Appliers:  Hello Dave - White Tips Palette

Poses:  Diesel Works

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