Thursday, 25 July 2013

Studs, Skulls & Dreadlocks

“No one from the beginning of time has had security” -  Eleanor Roosevelt


I don't even know why I tried on this Discord hairstyle at the Hair Fair, having never worn anything like it before, but the second the demo finally rezzed, I fell instantly in love, and I know I will wear it again and again.  


These boots were 69L on the mp about a year ago, but I checked and they are still available, and come in a variety of colour options.


The necklace was part of a V-Twins outfit dating back to the beginning of 2012, but I have no idea which one, and I think the original outfit is probably archived somewhere, with it not being mesh.  The pants from D-Style have texture change laces, with the choice of 8 colours.



Skin:  Belleza – Ava, tan TLC
Hair:  Discord - Cosima, Gracile, cast iron
Eyes:  IKON - Ardent, frostbite
Hands:  SLink - Flat

Eyelashes: Redgrave - 6, natural
Eyeliner:  KoKoLoReS (at fi*friday) - BP - Eveyliner Collection 02-01
Lips:  KoKoLoReS (at fi*friday)  - Sumptuous Lips, deep love
Nail Appliers:  Orc Inc - Goth Gloss

Ricielli - Studded Blouse, total black
Pants:  D-Style - Laced Pants
Boots DeepLove (only on mp) - Black-Red Ankle Boots
Jewellery:  Maxi Gossamer - Night Rocker bangle (r), Ramona 77 bangle spikes (l), Voodoo Rocker skull heart earrings
Jewellery:  V-Twins Necklace 

Poses 1 & 2:  KoKoLoReS (at fi*friday) Pic 1, Eloquent Hands, and Pic 2 Beach Babe 
(previous fi*friday)
Poses 3 & 4:  Diesel Works  - Julie

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