Monday, 21 July 2014

#246 Bandanas, Bandanas, Bandanas!

Hey Kitty Mama, we haz the same earz!
One of my favourite parts of Hair Far is picking up some new bandanas - there are always such a great selection available and at only 50L each, with all profits to Wigs for Kids, you can grab a wide variety without guilt.  I usually buy a bunch then run back again before the fair finishes and grab some more.  

There are so many good ones to choose from, it was hard to decide - and I am a Libran, so any kind of decision making is an ordeal - but here are my choices this time.  I had to share the above pic showing the bandana by Callie Cline of Kittycats, with one of my kittycats, of course!


On the left we have The girly and pretty Rebakery with Zoeware's Cuppiecake Princess bandana (complete with flashing cupcake), and on the right one of my absolute favourites is Guardian Angel by Bizarre Hair which is beautiful and serene and obviously made with real love and care.


I do like a silly bandana, and here are a few I picked up this time.  The very silly but fun Flair Snail by Sasy Scarborough and Thinking Cap by Theodore Avery Grey (resized as it is not meant for adult avvies).


 I love the very pretty bandana called Under the Sea by Entice, and the extremely cute silly panda by LNS Designs.


The award for the "OMG I have to have it and never take it off again" bandana goes to the L & N Spyder, which is an absolute masterpiece - the antennae move and I  just love love love it.  At some point I must find an outfit that will complement it, and blog it.  Apologies to arachnophobes out there, but honestly, this bandana is great.


Skin:  Belleza
Eyes:  IKON
Eyelashes:  Redgrave
Jewellery Set:  Lumen by [LNS Designs] *
Poses:  KaTink - Haute  * (two new Haute sets were released this weekend, 20 poses in each set)
Backdrop:  KaTink 

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