Thursday, 19 February 2015

#318 Sax Shepherd Designs for 21Shoe February round

It's 21Shoe time again!   In case you are unfamiliar with the 21Shoe event, on the 21st, for just 24 hours, the participating designers will offer two exclusive pairs of shoes for the price of one - and in this case exclusive means just that, they will never again be offered in the same texture or design.  


This round Sax Shepherd is offering two exclusive colours of his reissued Embrace Stilettos (previously Caress Stilettoes) for L$249 - and yes, that means you get the two for $249. These should fit both Slink and Maitreya Medium/Mid Heel Feet.  There don't seem to be many designers releasing shoes for the mid feet, all the more reason to snap these up.

You get one pair of shoes with a hud allowing for mix and match options. Above I am showing you chocolate leather and gold , and black leather with platinum lame are shown below  


These two exclusive combinations will only be offered at the Sax Shepherd Designs main store during the 24 hour event of 21Shoe for February 2015.  

Shoes - Sax Shepherd Designs - available for 24 hours only on the 21st Feb
Poses - Pretense - My Foot Obsession
Pedicure - Danemarkz

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