Tuesday, 24 May 2016

#493 Home sweet home

Post #493

For a long time I have wanted to include more home & garden items on my blog.  It is a big part of my sl-life - I love playing house, am forever reinventing my living space, making new discoveries, bringing new treasures home.  I have often used my home and garden as backgrounds for posts, but whenever I have tried to do a purely home and garden blog post, I haven't been happy with the results and have binned them prior to hitting the publish button.

When I saw this cute house from Kaerri I decided to try again (with the help of my megapuss's Buffy and Spike, who photobombed the above pics). This is only a small house but beautifully planned and realised.  Despite it's diminutive size, it is not in the least claustrophobic and there is no need to cam to extricate yourself from tight corners (one of my pet hates).  The use of large windows adds to the feeling of light and openness.

Post #493

This house can be bought furnished (220 prim) or unfurnished (79 prim) - however, I saw there were some great pieces included in the furnishings so went with that choice.  For this blog post, I have not included anything other than what comes in the furnished house, nor have I taken away or moved anything.  The house uses a rezzer so is very easy to set up.

There are two rooms downstairs, the main room comprising of living space on one side and the kitchen and dining area on the other.  So many beautiful items here, it is hard to choose a favourite but I particularly love the steampunk style clock, and the cacti growing in coffee cans on the kitchen counter.

A door from the main living space leads through to the bathroom, and again, it feels very spacious.  The furnishings are simply beautiful, and use the space perfectly.  I particularly love the mirrors and the art work but basically love it all.

Post #493

Upstairs there is one space visually separated into an open and well lit lounging area with a bedroom to the right.  There are some beautiful touches here - I particularly love the cacti planter, and the Bowie poster. 

In essence, this is a beautifully made home full of quirkiness and character, and I will definitely be on the watch for other releases from Kaerri Rae.  You can explore the rezzed house at the Kaerri main store.

Post #493

House & all furnishings:  Rothko - Kaerri 

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