Saturday, 4 June 2016

#496 He is happiest, be he king or peasant

who finds peace in his home....Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Post #496

I am happy to be blogging another house, this time from Maven Homes.  At a footprint of just 27 x 26 this house is a perfect size (but if in doubt, there is a footprint to check on your plot before you buy the house) - not too huge so as to feel soulless but definitely not too small either.  I particularly love the open aspect which really makes the most of my open view.  

Post #496

Kay ll comes in furnished (201 prims, L$3990) and unfurnished (93 prims, L$2990) packs and again I went for the furnished option for two reasons - firstly, the furniture looked great, and secondly, it takes me forever and a day to fully furnish a home and usually when I am half way through I get fed up and go house shopping, and start the whole procedure again.  Anyone who knows me undoubtedly raises their pixel eyes to the sl heavens when I plonk a new house down and say "no, I am going to stay in this one, not changing house ever again!".  Well, thankfully with houses like this, you rezz it with the furniture and voila, you are settled in!

Post #496

On the first floor there is a spacious living area, along with a large fitted kitchen and a dining area looking out over - hopefully - a beautiful sunset.  On the second floor there is another large living area along with a tv, and a master bedroom leading to a spacious bathroom.  

I don't quite know how Cain Maven has made a house so spacious with such a small footprint and so few prims, but thankfully he has!  The great thing about this house, if you buy it furnished, is that it literally takes a minute to rezz (it comes with a rezzer) and fit it to your plot.  After that, you can add your own bits and pieces (kittycats!) within your prim limit, to really make it feel like home.

Post #496

 House and all contents:  Kay ll by Maven Homes
Photobombing by Spike

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