Friday, 2 August 2013

Rodvik Linden is a Big Flat Meanie

“Never trust a flat man with a bucket and spade” -  ZsaZsa Zahira

There I was, being all kind to Flat Rodvik Linden, inviting him to build sandcastles with me in my sandpit.  He didn't seem very impressed by my balancing skills, but then again, I wasn't very impressed with his conversation, and I guess I must have nodded off.....


.....when I woke up, the sun was setting, and look what Rodvik did while I was asleep!  That is mean, Rodvik, just mean.  Dig me out right this minute!


If you want to risk taking mean old Flat Rodvik somewhere in sl, the instructions are on Strawberry Singh's blog, here


Skin:  Belleza – Shyla, tan 3
Hair:  Truth - Velvet, burgundy
Eyes:  IKON - Ascension, indigo
Hands:  SLink - casual
Eyelashes: Redgrave - 6, natural

Skirt & Top:  
KoKoLoReS at Flux - Beachin' outfit, cloud
Flipflops:  GOS - colour collection

Sandpit & Poses:  aDORKable (now only on mp)
Flat Rodvik:  Strawberry Singh
Beach Bucket & Spade:  JCM