Friday, 27 September 2013

ZsaZsa loving the camera

The camera makes everyone a tourist in other people's reality, and eventually in one's own".  Susan Sontag 



I have two posts that I am working on at the moment, but when I tried this this new pose set "Love the Camera" from Hopscotch at The Poser Pavilion, I had to put them down and create a post to use the poses in.  The pack contains 8 different poses all of which I love so much that I am showing them all below.  

Since starting blogging I have become a total pose hoarder (after over 6 years of going "pfft" if I got a pose gift, and just - shock horror - deleting it - with a derisory "what would I do with a pose??"  Little did I ever imagine I would bitterly regret hitting that delete key!)  Anyway, I did a little happy pose dance when I saw these, and just know they are going to get a lot of use as they are so versatile - demonstrated perfectly by the difference between my pictures and the advert for the set.

Another cause for happy dancing today is the general release of Belleza's Leila skin's  - within 30 seconds of getting the notice I was there with my bank manager trying to drag me out.  I won, of course - thankfully the bank manager has yet to master the art of teleporting so he didn't stand a chance :).  As is blatantly obvious from this blog, I love Belleza.  Since starting to blog, I have tried other skins but never really feel "me" in them, no matter how pretty they are.  From the first moment I tried Leila on (the special at the last round of Collabor88), this became the skin I felt was absolutely perfect for me, even more so than the Belleza Lily, Chloe, Shyla and others that have been worn to death over the years (thank goodness pixels don't wear out).  So I have been waiting and hoping they would do a full release, and they did, yay!  

The outfit itself is not a new one, but after I tried the poses this outfit from Caverna Obscura came to mind, as this dress is so pretty and "floaty", and I felt like a break from mesh for today.  To go with this lovely dress I dug into my SLink folder for these pretty ballet flats that I had not used yet.    And finally, I think the gorgeous Maxi Gossamer jewellery really work well with this outfit.


Skin:  Belleza - Leila, tan 0
Hair:  D!va:  Flora, type B, red amber
Eyes: IKON - Perspective, blush
Hands:  SLink - elegant
Feet:  SLink -  flat

Eyelashes:   Redgrave - 6, natural
Lips:  Belleza – Leila tan gloss lips 0 & 1
Eyeliner:  Izzies - Cat eyeliner 4
Nail Appliers:   Hello Dave – FrenchOmbre1

Dress:  Caverna Obscura - Nocturne, vanilla ice
Shoes:   SLink - Margot ballet slippers, pearl
Jewellery:  Maxi Gossamer - Octavia necklace and earrings

Backdrop:  KaTink - Sky

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