Friday, 11 October 2013

A whole heap of shoes (but not as many as Imelda)

“I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty”
Imelda Marcos

Here I am showing all the shoes in the gorgeous new Hopscotch release, Saretha, an add-on for SLink medium bare feet.  Saretha is very dainty, almost minimalist, but all the prettier for that.  There are some lovely touches such as the glittery strap and buckle, and the coloured sole - and that you get 4 colour options for each pair of shoes makes it even better.

I have shown all four options for the black pack, but just one white and one black option for all the other colours.

The caption letter "translation" is:

W/S = White (Heel, Insole) Silver (Glitter, Buckle)
W/G = White (Heel, Insole) Gold (Glitter, Buckle)
B/S = Black (Heel, Insole) Silver (Glitter, Buckle)
B/G = Black (Heel, Insole) Gold (Glitter, Buckle)

Black with W/G & Black with W/S

Black with B/G & Black with B/S

Blue with B/G & Blue with W/S

Green with B/G & Green with W/S

Light Blue with B/G & Light Blue with W/S

Mint with B/G & Mint with W/S

Pink with B/G & Pink with W/S

Purple with B/G & Purple with W/S

Red with B/G & Red with W/S

White with B/G & White with W/S

Yellow with B/G & Yellow with W/S


Skin:  Belleza - Shyla, tan 2
Feet:  SLink - medium
Nail Appliers:  Hello Dave – French Ombre, palette 1
Shoes:  Hopscotch
Poses:  Glitterati (now only on mp)
Backdrop:  KaTink 

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