Saturday, 25 January 2014

Berry's Helpful Tools Meme

Tools, Gadgets and Mugshots

I am a real geek when it comes to gadgets and tools in all lives, so this meme is right up my street.  I am showing a screenshot of my setup when blogging – I don’t leave these huds on normally, instead they are replaced by texture change huds if my current outfit has them.  

Anyway, on to my tools:
  1. PoseAnywhere – I think I found out about this from a Strawberry Singh youtube tutorial, and it is one of the best things ever.  From what I have read on other blogs, I use it quite differently to most people in that I have a HUD for every pose maker that I use, plus other “special” huds, for example headshots, foot shots, jewellery shots etc.  I tend to remember poses by the maker so find this works best for me.  I have a folder full of huds, but really well organized (I can’t say that about any other folders in my inventory!) so there is rarely an issue finding anything
  2. AnyPose Expression –. This was one of the first huds I was recommended when I first started blogging, and I couldn’t blog without it.  I particularly enjoy making ZsaZsa cross-eyed when things aren't going right with a blog, and it is all her fault - which of course it always is!
  3. Animare Pose & Animation System I am quite new to this, but have already found it invaluable for moving hands that are getting eaten by outfits or hair..
  4. CTS Wardrobe - This is truly one of the best L$699 I have spent.  Again I appear to use it differently to most as I never actually have the hud on, use rlv, or use the inworld wardrobe. I do it all from my wardrobe web page, which is open constantly.  My mugshot – er, I mean screenshot - of my current Wardrobe page is below. I initially started putting outfits in it, but somewhere along the way it turned into a place to catalogue my backdrops, hair, eyes and skins – and I can't imagine how I would blog without it.  I am constantly flipping over to it when putting together a blog post, to help me find the right eyes, hair, skin etc.  This shot is from this morning when I had been adding some eyes and some skins I picked up yesterday in the League sale. I have 3367 items in my Wardrobe at the moment, and add new stuff as it comes in.

  1. PhotoTools - I use this all the time to play with windlights, change settings quickly.
  2. My UI - I use Firestorm, and have my buttons organised according to how I use them, on the left and right - I rarely use the bottom buttons so should really get rid of them to save screen space
You will find Berry's original meme and instructions here.  I am off to learn more about MystiTool as mentioned by Berry, and see if it is another gadget I will enjoy playing with :).

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  1. I have the CTS Wardrobe too and I really wish I would get my ass in gear and use it properly again. It really is helpful. Thanks so much for sharing your fav tools. <3