Sunday, 9 November 2014

# 277 Be careful what you wish for.....

NooooooooooLast night just after saying to Mr M that my inventory was out of control, I clicked to empty my trash, and couldn't understand why I crashed. When I logged back in my inventory count was almost 7000 items less than it should be.  No wonder I crashed.

I realised immediately which folder had disappeared.  I assumed I had somehow deleted it (or following Chic's comment below, maybe the database fairy in a bad mood snatched it). The folder that disappeared was the one containing clothing items for near enough the last year - things I have bought, group gifts, stuff I had bought to blog at some future point.  The whole lot, gone.  To say I felt sick is no exaggeration.

I talked to LL, though I feared the worst and sadly they confirmed that my items are lost forever.

So today I have spent my time hitting redelivery terminals when they are available, and where they aren't, writing nc's to ask for redelivery of mp purchases.  I know I will never recover but a fraction of the 7000 lost items, but anything I can recover is a bonus.

I have done this post hoping it might save someone else from going through this.   Whether or not it was an error on my part, or a grumpy database fairy, I will never again have folders outside the system folders.  I did this as a way to organise myself, keep the good stuff away from the ancient stuff - if only I had lost the ancient stuff folder instead.

Thankfully I didn't lose my review copy blogging folder, but that has been moved now and is safely inside a system folder so it cant ever happen.

There I was saying my inventory was out of control, next minute it was far less so, and almost 7000 items lighter.  As I say in the title, be careful what you wish for....

I have to say a huge thank you to Mr M, when our plans for the evening were hijacked by Inventorygate.  He did everything he could to find a way to get my invo back, and was so supportive when we realised it was all gone.  He really is one in a million.  At the end of the day, though losing all this stuff is horrible, it is just stuff.  What matters is Tomm and my friends.

I also want to say a massive thank you to the designers out there who have redelivery terminals, and even better, one for mp purchases too.  But where there isn't an easy option like that, thank you a million times over to the designers who have responded positively and quickly to my nc plea and have resent my items.  You are all going on my "must buy from again, and blog" list!

Not going to embarrass anyone (except myself) with credits for these pics, but my facial expressions can be found for free, here.


  1. This has happened to me several times but NOT from my mistakes. Sometimes things actually DO just disappear. In one night I lost my Home and Garden Folder, my BACKUP Home and Garden folder (yes pretty much unbelievable) and something else quite odd like "socks" or something. Over the years this keeps happening and even though I do clean my inventory weekly and delete things I know I will never use -- it keeps growing.

    My plan now - is to have things that are important to me in at least two spots. This actually hasn't seemed to work too well as I don't duplicate EVERYTHING I have and things like "Props with Poses" disappear. Yes, and that backup Home and Garden folder went in the same night so you never know.

    One thing that I can suggest is that for things that are copy and that you really love, you can put them in a prim (a brand new box - that is important) and keep them rezzed. That has saved me once. Now, happily, I have a sim with many of the things I value out. Items rezzed can and do disappear but not nearly as often as inventory items.

    ON THE POSITIVE SIDE -- I have repeatedly regained a few of my lost items (from different losses). They appear out of nowhere and in strange places (so like a pose in with shoes) NOT in Lost and Found where you would expect to see them. So keep an eye out for things. It could be many many months down the road. I have NO CLUE how that happens.

    I was VERY VERY upset the first time this happened. There were tales on my blog too. But, it is part of the "game" and it does happen. In some sense it is good to know it was "you" and not what I call the "database fairy". She is not a nice one and she may visit you in the future. By now three or so years since my first big loss, I rarely miss anything in the old Home and Garden folder. Things just keep getting better. Focusing on that can be a lifesaver.

    Keep your chin up :D

  2. Thanks for this Chic, and sorry you have had this happen too. I ASSUMED it was my fault, but couldn't work out how I could possibly have done it - now I am wondering if it wasn't actually me but the inventory fairy on a bad day. Either way, thanks for your suggestions which I will start implementing when I get on tonight. Going to have to check in case anything else disappeared too....