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#312 To push up or not push up, that is the question


I jumped on the mesh body train quite late, and I have to admit, reluctantly - my reasons being cost and that putting together a blog post took enough time as it was without adding another element.  However, as is my way, once I do something, I do it wholeheartedly, and dare I say it in this instance, slightly obsessively.  Yep, mesh bodies are my new obsession. 

I loved Maitreya's Lara from the moment I put it on, but I haven't yet played enough with SLink Physique to voice an opinion (though this will change in an upcoming post).  As for Belleza Venus, I did not warm to it at all, mainly because of the boobs which just looked odd in terms of both shape and positioning - and the push up option?  Pfft I said, pfft.  No way would I ever use that.

I am now eating my words, because having stumbled across the gorgeous items I am wearing in this post, I thought I would just have to give Venus another go - and that means the whole bod, not just the bod with the SLink hands and feet (I didn't think anything could drag me away from those).   I was incredulous at how easy it was to get dressed - just click on four items - corset, pants, shoes (two feet!) - and voila, done!  No fiddling around trying on different sizes, tweaking my shape, nothing.  All I had to do was click one tiny piece of the alpha to cover a very small area on my back and that was it.  Oh and the hands, got to mention the hands, they are absolutely beautiful, and you can choose 16 different hand positions from the hud - 16!  I found it quite difficult to get nail appliers for the Belleza hands, but with wonderful serendipity the hud from DaneMarkZ landed in my inbox, and gives you 10 beautiful colours to choose from.


Of course the ease of dressing is entirely because of the incredibly talented designers behind this outfit.  Their rigging of the items to the respective mesh bodies is absolutely superb, and really shows what can be achieved when people really put the work in.  

On the other hand, I have recently noticed some designers trying to pass off standard mesh sizes as rigged for mesh bodies by putting the respective mesh body logos on the adverts. This is at best misleading, at worst deliberately dishonest, but either way can cause real confusion and I have heard customers blaming the mesh bodies for "not working".  As a blogger with three mesh bodies to play with, I have found most of my standard mesh sizes work with one or more, but rarely all, mainly due to the differences in alpha areas.  Whereas if a customer with only one mesh body buys something because she is lead to believe it will fit her body, only to find normal mesh sizes in the box, her impression of both mesh bodies and clothing purportedly made for them, may be damaged.  Anyway, hopefully more and more designers will start offering genuine body specific rigged items but until then, caveat emptor, demo demo demo.  Grumble over.

These fantastic shoes are original mesh from a new-to-me store, Mundos, who give you plenty of options with versions in the box for Belleza Venus, Maitreya Lara, SLink and TMP (not charging separately for each one as I have seen some do). You also get an impressive hud allowing 24 texture choices for 8 different shoe areas, and the area I have sequinned can also be textured plain.  They are absolutely incredible value for money as well as being quite simply stunning.


The corset and pants are separates from DE Designs, who I confess to not visiting for years (that will now change), and are available in a selection of colours.  I am showing the "old leather" version and really love the texturing on both the pants and corset.

In your corset box you get two versions for Belleza Venus, SLink Physique and classic avatar - and in the case of the corset, different copies for ordinary breast option and push up - hence the post title and pic below.  And in this case, despite my initial reaction to the push up boobs, I definitely think I prefer the push up version for this outfit.  



Body:  Belleza Venus
Skin:  Belleza Grace SK 
Hair:  Magika Never
Eyes:  IKON Hope
Eyelashes:  Redgrave
Eyeliner:  Izzies - Double Wing Eyeliner
Lips:  Belleza Celeste Uber SK Gloss 6
Beauty Mark:  Belleza 
Manicure:   DaneMarkZ - Belleza nails - Pantone Spring 2015 *

Corset:  DE Designs - Tamara Corset
Pants:  DE Designs - Dinah - Old Leather
Shoes:  Mundos Odette Heels for Belleza Venus
Necklace:  Izzies Crystal Necklace (vintage - texture change)
Earrings:  Izzies - Leaves Earring autumn
Bracelet/Bangle:  Cae :: Romantique :: Bracelet

Poses:  KaTink - pic #1 Sadie (new), all others Haute *
Backdrop:  KaTink - Skies

There are usually more photos of blogged items on my flickr account here.

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