Monday, 6 April 2015

#343 Spring mixed with Elymode

Post #343
Lustre Duos Eyeliner

Post #343
Spring Mix 2015

Post #343
Basic Cat Bright Eyeliner

This is a belated and apologetic Skin Fair post for Elymode, but the items are thankfully now available in the the mainstore.  I am a very conscientious and usually very organised blogger, I even keep spreadsheets to keep myself on track (how geeky is that!), to make sure I meet my blogging commitments.  

However, I guess since my mum passed away Feb 20 (and the five months before when she was hospitalised), which I talk about here, I realise now that I wasn't as organised as usual, and consequently misfiled some Skin Fair items.  I thought I had blogged all my review copies but an IM from Elysium from Elymode made me realise I hadn't :(.

Anyway, I have shown you a selection from each make-up package from Elymode, and they are stunning - adding make-up layers from other designers is not something I have done much before, but having seen these, I most definitely will be doing so in future.  To give you an idea of what you get in the packs, in the Cat Eyeliner you get 8 colours in both matte and glossy, the Lustra Duos come in 9 colours as do the Spring Mix.  I love how some are very bright, and others are muted, so whichever pack you choose there is something for any occasion.

Apologies again Elysium for the late blogpost.

Other Items Worn

Make-up:  Elymode
Skin:   WoW Skins Charlize Tan
Eyes:  IKON Charm
Eyelashes:  Redgrave


  1. thanks for featuring so many of my makeups in your captured the colors beautifully (also, that skin looks great on you)

    1. Thank you! I had fun doing this post - I absolutely love the make-ups, and am sure they will feature again on this blog