Wednesday, 7 January 2015

#298 Strawberry Singh's Yearbook Smile Challenge Meme

#298 Strawberry Singh's Yearbook Smile Challenge

Just the other day I was thinking that I must look for some blogger challenges as it is a while since I have done any.  They are a great way to stretch yourself as a blogger, as well as being fun to do, and I love seeing other bloggers interpretations of the meme too.  So I was really pleased to see that Strawberry Singh has restarted her much missed Monday meme, with the Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge which you can find here.  If you want a laugh at Zsa's expense, click here to see my first ever meme, again one of Berry's.

This meme challenges you to share a photo of your avatar smiling yearbook style.  Ok, I can't deny it, Zsa is a bit shy and not a good smiler, but she said to tell you that she was smiling inside!   She also has no experience of Yearbooks as we don't have them where I live, so please forgive us if this is not an authentic Yearbook photo.

Anyway, in the search for Zsa's smile, I tried out the toothy smile on various huds but they were seriously creepy, so in the end I settled on the basic smile on the Anypose Expression hud, one of my "can't do without" tools that I have probably used in 98% of my blog posts.  The hud also contains a toothy smile, which I was also going to include but decided it would give you nightmares for weeks.  So, in the photo above, Zsa is using just the plain "smile" while wearing a fresh faced toothy skin by *YS & YS* .   


Lunasea As If blouse (this will be shown fully in an upcoming post)
Alice Project Blue Jeans (VIP MM)
Redgrave eyelashes
IKON Hope Eyes
*YS & YS* Sugar 05 Candy Teeth
Izzies headshot
Anypose Expression Hud (free on mp)

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  1. I'm so happy you enjoy doing the memes and challenges, I have a lot more ideas, looking forward to using them. Thanks for participating. <3