Saturday, 14 March 2015

#325 Skin Fair 2015 - The Plastik

Post #326 Skin Fair 2015 - Plastik

I always look forward to visiting The Plastik skins stall at Skin Fair, and this year, as always, they do not disappoint.  I am showing you all tones in the fabulous Immortalia range and without any extras, because Vae's skins are truly beautiful and deserve to be shown as they are straight from the box.  I am blown away by the little details such as the veins showing underneath the skin giving the appearance of delicacy.  

You get an amazing amount of extras in the box, eyebrow shapes, freckles for both body and face, freckle appliers, no nipple option, and a ton of make-up options,  I will definitely be having a good play with all the goodies when the Skin Fair is over and I am positive Immortalia will appear again on this blog.


Skin:  The Plastik for Skin Fair 2015
Hair:  Adoness Ragnarok Pitch Black with Shaved Base B
Eyes:  Adored Glacier 

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