Friday, 20 March 2015

#334 Sax Shepherd Designs for 21Shoe

Sax Shepherd at 21Shoe March

I love Sax Shpherd's designs, so am always pleased when he takes part in 21Shoe as he is this month. However, Lupa was a surprise as they are so different to anything I have seen from Sax before - but I love surprises!  As always they are absolutely beautifully made with Sax's exquisite attention to detail, and come with a  hud allowing options for switching between mardi gras and steel and changing rings/buckles, small rivets and large rivets.   

You can buy both pairs, in Mardi Gras and Steel, for just L$295 for 24 hours on 21st March, after that time they will never again be offered in this combination of texture or style.  They are a sneak peak of the full range of Lupa which will be released at The Black Fair in April.  They fit high SLink feet  


 - Sax Shepherd Designs - only available 21 March at their store for 24 hours
Pedicure:  Hello Dave Mixed Ombre
Backdrop:  KaTink 
Poses:  KaTink - Haute

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