Thursday, 7 April 2016

#478 The question is not what you look at...

...but what you see - Henry David Thoreau

Blog post #478

I have always wanted to do some home & garden blogging, but never quite got round to it for various reasons (mainly that I thought I wouldn't be good enough at it).  However, when I got this set, I llked it so much that I thought I would give it a go.  I had fun with it, so am pretty sure there will be more h&g posts to follow.

The majority of the items in this bedroom are from Kaerri at their Caledon store - my particular favourites are the phonograph, steamer trunk and candle lamp, and I love the design on the bed cover.  All the items make the bedroom look really cozy and comfortable.

The wig boxes in the picture below are from %Percent at the Gachapalooza event, at just 25L a pull.  I don't know how long they will be there, so if you are interested, best get there soon.  The wallpaper is from the Celestial Night set by Irrie's Dollhouse.

Blog post #478


If an item is for sale at an event, I give the slurl to that event, but in case this blog post is read after the event has finished, I also include the slurl to the mainstore.

Kaerri Caledon Store
Zadie Bedroom Rug
Moonlight Sonata Phonograph
Zadie Bed
Zadie Steamer Trunk
Zadie Candle Lamp
Zadie Side Table
Finch Bird Cage
Bedroom Rug
Rocking Chair
Dresser Stool
Pitcher & Bowl
Mirror Gold
Bedroom Picture

Fritz Wig Box A (yellow) - at Gachapalooza

Irries Dollhouse
Wall Texture - Celestial Night

Barnesworth Anubis
House - Mansfield Barn

There are often more photos of blogged items on my flickr account here.
SLURLs are current at time of posting.  If you need help with anything I have blogged, feel free to send me an email, inworld IM or nc, or a plurk (all links on contacts page).

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