Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Twisted Color Challenge - Week 27, Cabbage Patch Forest (aka "The Schoolmarm"

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn” 
Hal Borland

On my trawl/stalk through sl blogs, I found out about the Twisted Color Challenge, and thought I would jump in and give it a go, even though this week's "Cabbage Patch Forest" is a bit of a tough one for someone who rates green only behind orange in my most disliked colours.  Anyway here is my effort, and when you see the pics, you will understand why I have subtitled this post :).

Twisted Color Challenge: Week 27

It is the irresistible lure of fat packs (even though I KNOW I will never wear all colours) that meant I had this outfit in my inventory - I bought the fatpack of this Cracked Mirror set at FaMESHed sometime last year, and not surprisingly (to me), the green has never seen light of day till now

Twisted Color Challenge: Week 27

The outfit itself is beautifully made, with the subtle creasing making it look very realistic.

Twisted Color Challenge: Week 27

I have no idea why I am wearing two "lippies", obviously having a mad "add" instead of "wear" day.  I actually had to do this shoot twice as I also realised I had two pairs of earrings on when I came to fill in the credits, and when I looked closely, there was no way I could get away with that!  

Well actually this was the third shoot, I did a whole shoot in an entirely different outfit yesterday but decided I hated it and binned the whole lot.  I blame green!


Top:  Cracked Mirror -  Jackie
Skirt Cracked Mirror - Jackie
Shoes:  GOS - Sophia Peeptoe, gold snake
Jewellery Maxi Gossamer - Keshi Pearl Heart Earrings, gold

Skin:  Belleza – Shyla Tan 8
Lips:  Belleza – Shyla/Betty Tan 3 & 6
Hair:  Tameless - Reissa, naturals
Eyes:  Hudson's - Head On Darkest Grey/Green
Eyelashes: Redgrave - 6, natural
Hands:  SLink - Casual
Nail Appliers:  Hello Dave - Greens & Blues

Poses:  aDORKable - Pencil (aDORKable now only on mp)


  1. lol I understand about green not being a favorite.. that was how i felt about orange, but thats the cool part i like about this challenge.. No longer afraid of orange now :D Love your style!

  2. Thanks Wendz, totally agree, it is a great challenge for getting outside your comfort zone - no other way I oould have worn such a green outfit, but you are right, now I have done it, it isnt quite so bad :)