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#388 My Slink Obsession stars in Don't forget your Undies!

Post #388

As a lover of vintage glamour and fifties fun, I am a huge fan of Terrie Dreadlow's work , so was thrilled to see that she has created a new outfit for My Slink Obsession.  The dress is rigged for Slink Physique absolutely perfectly and also comes in standard sizing and various fitmesh sizes.  The wedges come rigged for both Slink and Belleza. Both dress and wedges come with extensive texture change huds allowing various parts to be changed independently for ultimate customisabilty (apparently that is not a word - it is now!).  

I decided to be a blue eyed blonde for this post for no particular reason other than that I can. I am really loving this bright blonde shade from Elikatira, though of course the hud gives you many different blonde shades to choose from.  I also think the blonde works really well with Sawsan Secretspy's delicately beautiful skin currently at Designer Circle.

Post #380

MSO is open, get your taxi hereI have as always also added mainstore slurls in case you are reading this blog post after the event.

ps in case you are wondering, the title for this post refers to the bottom right pic in the collage - it was only when I was taking that pic that I realised Zsa (who is lazy and rarely wears undies) was inadvertently flashing. Not so bad as she was the only one there and I could move the camera angle to preserve her dignity (which she has now lost again as I am telling you about this).  However, I later tp'd to a friend while wearing this outfit, landed on their head, and then sat down to ride a helicopter - neither activity should be attempted without undies or an outfit that covers more than this dress does!


Mesh Body:  Slink Physique
Skin:   WoW Skins  V2 Patrizia Tan - available at Designer Circle
Hair:  Elikatira  Karee - Blondes
Eyes:  Ikon Promise
Hands & Feet:  SLink 

Eyelashes:  Mon Cheri Falsies
Freckles:  WoW Skins . Freckles tatoo
Manicure & Pedicure:    Dark Horse Style - Combo HUD-Sparklies - available at MSO July

Dress:  Has Been (no inworld store so mp link) - Lovesick Dress Fitmesh Slink Physique - available at MSO July
Shoes:   Has Been Has Been (no inworld store so mp link)- Lovestruck Wedges - available at MSO July

Necklace:  Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Solitaire Heart 
Earrings:  Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Solitaire Heart 

Poses: Poses:  Signature Pose - Ade - available at MSO July
Backdrop:  KaTink 

There are often more photos of blogged items on my flickr account here.
SLURLs are current at time of posting.  If you need help with anything I have blogged, feel free to send me an email, inworld IM or nc, or a plurk (all links on contacts page).  

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