Monday, 4 April 2016

#476 Time spent with cats is never wasted

......Sigmund Freud

Post #476

This quote is true for me, in all lives, I type this with my rl kitty snoring and purring at the same time on the arm of the sofa I am sitting on.  As for sl, I was struggling to find a good photo destination to take these pics, so decided to take them at home, and this usually means a kittycat of some sort will make a guest appearance.  A lot has been changing in the garden so I thought I would take some pics using some great camera poses from Le Poppycock.

My vest top is from DE Designs and fits absolutely perfectly on my Lara mesh body - it comes in a great range of colours, or a hud operated fat pack. It is compatible with all Belleza bodies, both Slink bodies, Maitreya Lara, and for standard avvies, a fitmesh version. I have teamed it with some recently updated boyfriend jeans from Lapointe & Bastchild.  My boots are new from Baby Monkey and can be bought in a classics hud, with the option to buy an extended hud.   They are compatible with Slink, Belleza and Maitreya mesh bodies, and also classic avvie.

Post #476

This post is somewhat delayed as I have had a bit of a nightmare when my Lara mesh body corrupted, so I had to delete it and use a fresh one, which meant redoing all my saved outfits.  Also, I have also suddenly and belatedly (and about timely!), got the mesh head bug - I have had 4 of them for ages, but never quite felt like "me" in them.  That changed this week as I found an applier that I love, and yes, feels like me!  So as well as sorting out my mesh body problems, I also have to think about totally revamping all my outfits with a mesh head, so my little blogger head is spinning right now.  Anyway, expect much mesh headish gorgeousness on this blog very soon :).

If an item is for sale at an event, I give the slurl to that event, but in case this blog post is read after the event has finished, I also include the slurl to the mainstore.


Maitreya Lara
WoW Skins 2016 Hope bronze
Elikatira Elodie
IKON Clarity eyes

DaneMarkZ - Maitreya nails -  Romantica

DE Designs - Opel Tank
Lapointe & Bastchild * Swear - Boyfriend Jeans * updated slurl
Baby Monkey Zuli Boots

Xia Bejeweled Web Necklace & Earrings

Le Poppycock - Say Cheese Set 2 - available at Half Deer

Megapuss House - Dekute Dekore
House - Mansfield Barn - Barnesworth Anubis

Arick & Dawneisha by Kittycats (check out my flickr here for a pic where I was totally photobombed by a megapuss!)


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