Tuesday, 19 July 2016

#514 Hair Fair Post #3

aka "All about Alice"

Post 514 More Hair Fair
Top:  Bellina II
Bottom:  Faye 
Ok, I plead heatstroke or something of that ilk (whines "it's too hot").  When I sat down to do the shoot for this post I was going to show at least 3, maybe 4, different designers from the Hair Fair.  I opened the Alice Project folder first and - er - as you can see, this post turned out to be all about Alice.  It's a while since I played with the Alice Project huds, and my heat addled brain found the best way to take my mind off it, and that meant taking a gazillion pics to make collages with.

Post #514 More Hair Fair
Top:  Faye ll Short
Bottom:  Jennilyn
In my defence (whines again a little louder "the heat, the heat, it makes me mad you know"), Alice Project hair is up there with all the top designers, in my opinion.  The styles are always unique, the textures wonderful and the huds are humoungously awesome.  I will be honest, it took me a long time to fall in love with Alice Project hair as I just couldn't get my head round the hud system.  One day I decided I needed some of their hair in my life, so I sat down to work it out - and honestly, it is so simple, I don't know why I couldn't work it out (probably just plain stupid).  Now I am a total fan of Alice huds - so if you feel the same, give the hud a try and I am sure you will be a big fan very soon.  In fact, if you buy any Alice hair from Hair Fair and need help with the hud (I doubt you will), or even choosing what hud/s to go for, feel free to IM me inworld).

Post 514 More Hair Fair
Top:  Rae
Bottom:  Izzy
There are 6 Alice styles and 9 huds to choose from at the Hair Fair, so I have shown all 6 styles, front and back because there are often really pretty twiddly (technical term) bits on the back.  Below I have given you one option from each of the huds - I have used the "randomize" option so you are getting the first colours the hud came up with, but it is an endless playground for colours, ombres, roots and streaks.

Post 514 More Hair Fair

Top:  Anime, Basic Colors, Basic Natural
Middle:  Color Essentials, Essentials, Essential Color Ombre
Bottom:  Essential Mirror Ombres, Fading Spring, Glitter & Streaks 

Now I need to go and lie down in a cold bath in a dark room with a gazillion fans blowing in my direction, and I will be back tomorrow with more Hair Fair goodies - but for the sake of my sanity, not an epic like this one!  Slinks away whining softly about the heat....

Mesh body (including hands and feet): Maitreya Lara
Shape:  based on  Strawberry Singh Zara but tweaked 
Mesh Head:  Catwa Jessica 
Applier & Make-up:  Pink Fuel Morgana
Hair: Alice Project  - available exclusively at Hair Fair 2016
Mesh Hairbase:  No Match
Eyes:  Avi-Glam Ardent Eyes - Arctic pack
Top:  DE Designs - Betty Tank - available at Mesh Body Addicts Fair
Poses:  Izzies Headshots

Tools I use in most blog posts
SecondSnaps Photo Studio
Fate Eye Poser (before this I used Anypose Expression Hud)
Pose Anywhere Pose Huds
Lumipro Lighting System
Combo Fix to fix broken ankles, wrists, neck etc

Bits n Pieces
If an item is for sale at an event, I give the slurl to that event.  However in case this blog post is read after the event has finished, I also include the slurl to the mainstore.  

All Slurls are current at time of posting.  If you are unable to find an item, or need help with anything I have blogged, feel free to send me an email, inworld IM or nc, or a plurk (all links on contacts page).

I wear a mesh body, head, hands & feet in all posts. I use alpha cuts where necessary, and if I can't get an item to work with my mesh body, I will neither wear it nor blog it  Most items I blog fit various mesh bodies and/or feet, and often classic avatar standard sizing and/or fitmesh. Please make sure to demo anything you see here that you are thinking of buying to be sure it works for you.

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