Monday, 10 February 2014

Under the Sea

Under the Sea

Click the image for a larger image on my Flickr photostream.

The story behind this prop is best told by it's creator, by Chandni Karfield of Hopscotch:  

"This pose prop is based on the photography if Julie de Waroquier. When I saw it I had this piece of story in my mind: "After a while in the world of the two legged, she wanted to go back to the sea. But she and her prince had moved and there was no water around. Only the little bit of undersea world in the aquarium. Maybe this was the way home..."

The aquarium comes in two versions, one with glow and light effects of the water, the other without. They are modifiable so you can adjust them if you need to.  This is currently available at The Surreal Complex.

The setting is Window 2.0 by KaTink , which is a mesh item, and comes with a hud allowing you to change the texture of the walls, curtains and floor.  


Skin:  Glam Affair - Sylvia  America - currently available at Collabor88
Hair:  Truth - Gretchen
Hands:  SLink Avatar Enhancement
Feet:  SLink Avatar Enhancement

Eyelashes:  Redgrave
Eyeliner:  Izzies 
Manicure:   Hello Dave - Hints 1

Outfit:  Angelwing - Forgotten Fairy

Prop & Pose:  Hopscotch Under the Sea - at The Surreal Complex
Backdrop:  KaTink - Window 2.0 
Table:  Kuro - Butterfly table, white

There are usually more photos of blogged items on my flickr account here.

SLURLs are current at time of posting.  If you need help with anything I have blogged, feel free to send me an email, inworld IM or nc, or a plurk (all links on contacts page).  

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