Sunday, 13 April 2014

Midnight Yoga

Yoga at Midnight

Zsa has been moving into a new house and was feeling a bit stressed last night as she has so much to do, so I reminded her of the yoga mat she hasn't used for a while.  Although it was after midnight, she dragged it out onto the shore and spent some time stretching and communing with the moon.  She didn't even bother to get changed,, she just wore one of her favourite outfits for when she is just slobbing around at home.

Yoga at Midnight

The yoga mat from KaTinK comes with 8 different animations, the rocks are included, and the mat itself is tintable

Yoga at Midnight


Skin:  Belleza Ria
Hair:  Truth
Eyes:  IKON
Hands:  SLink Avatar Enhancement
Feet:  SLink Avatar Enhancement

Eyelashes:  Redgrave
Eyeliner:  Izzies
Tattoo:  NadiaTattoo - Kanji Harmony (Left HighHip)
Manicure:   ZOZ Grass Bunny Polish (group gift)

Outfit:  [ SAKIDE ] Slamin 

Props:  KaTink 

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