Friday, 30 August 2013

ZsaZsa Wins

“Your dresses should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady” -  Edith Head


Be glad you weren't in my head this week, and and didn't have to listen to the argument between me (the typist behind Zsa) and ZsaZsa, which went like this (but went on for about 2 days): 

Me:     you can't possibly wear that in public
Zsa:    loosen up will you 
Me:     but..... 
Zsa:    but nothing, you are not my mother, I am wearing it 
Me:     Hey, I know of a nice long coat in your invo, that will look good over this
Zsa:    oh shush, you are so boring

Anyway, ZsaZsa won, so blame her!  This dress, which is outside my "normal" style, but which I really like, is from the next round of Room69 which starts on Sept 1st.  


Everything at the event is 69L - but with this dress you get a HUD with 4 colour choices and two texture choices within each colour - either the polka dots for the main panel, or as the side panel.  So 8 different dresses for 69L - or 16 for (gets calculator out) 138L!  


I have shown you both colour sets, so you can choose which you want - but seriously, at 69L for a set, why bother choosing, just buy them both (says Fat Pack Annie here).

Colour Pack 1 (includes the black)
Colour Pack 2

ps: if Zsa thinks she is ever wearing this in public again, ha!

(ZsaZsa whispers:  wait till she sees the burlesque outfit I am lining up for an upcoming post ㋡ )


Skin:  Belleza – Shyla, tan 3
Hair:  Truth - Qopi, Reds03
Eyes:  IKON - Kaleido, night
Hands:  SLink - Elegant

Eyelashes: Redgrave - 5, glamourous
Eyeliner:  Izzies - Double Wing Eyeliner
Lips:  Mock – Smoothie Lipcolor, chilli chocolate
Nail Appliers:  Hello Dave – French Ombre 1

Dress:  Keresma - One Shoulder Cutaway dress
Shoes:  Gos - Paris Peep toes, Satin Collection
Jewellery Maxi Gossamer - Damasc angles 1 & 7
Jewellery:  Krystal's Fine Jewellery – Ambrosia earrings, silver

KaTink and Ploom (sorry, had them all listed but then messed them all up by making collages, whoops!)
Backdrop:  KaTink - The Grove

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