Sunday, 29 December 2013

Gypsy Nina

“Wearing your jewellery inside your body is not cool” -  ZsaZsa Zahira


I am showing here one of the gorgeous gifts from Belleza this Christmas, and a new outfit from Ducknipple SLX.  Not very Christmassy I know, but much as I love snow and Christmas, when i saw this outfit it felt good to take a break from the cold. It helps that I love the outfit too, both the colours and the texturing, and I know I will wear these again and again.


The outfit comes with two huds, one for the skirt and one for the top, and obviously you can wear them in whatever combination you wish, I have just shown these combinations to show you all the colours available in the tops and skirts.



Here are close-ups of the bangle and necklace which come with the outfit - if you are wondering why you can't see the necklace in any other shot, it is because I had just finished uploading my pics to flickr when I realised that I was wearing a necklace, but it was positioned inside my avvie, arrrrrgghhh,  


So instead of re-shooting everything, I have just done a quick shot of it to show you the necklace.  

Because of the many boobs I have made while learning to blog, I created a checklist full of stuff like "check there are no trees going out of your head, that your skirt isn't eating your hand, your eyes aren't crossed, your alpha isn't showing" etc etc - well now I need to add "make sure if you are wearing jewellery that it is outside, not inside, your body!"


Skin:  Belleza - Nina Sk Xmas 
Hair:  Alice Project Steph II 
Eyes:  IKON Spectral Eyes
Hands:  SLink Avatar Enhancement
Feet:  SLink Avatar Enhancement

Eyelashes:  Redgrave 
Manicure:   A:S:S
Pedicure:   A:S:S 

Outfit:  Ducknipple SLX: Gypsy (top, skirt, necklace and bangles)


Poses:  Diesel Works

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