Sunday, 20 October 2013

ZsaZsa or Medusa?

HorrorFest2 (6)

Today's post comes almost entirely from Horrorfest.   My headpiece is one of many stunning headpieces from GSpot.  From a distance it looks really pretty, but when you come closer you see all the snakes wrapping around it -  in my view, the snakes make it no less pretty, and definitely add character :).

HorrorFest2 (4)

The dress is by SAKIDE, and comes in black and this wine colour - you also get a collar, which I have not shown here, and two versions of the dress - the second does not have the lower skirt so becomes a mini dress.  The texturing is beautifully done, making the fabric look very rich.  

My pumps are from The Little Bat for Horrorfest.  The final Horrorfest goodie is the grave, complete with bats flying overhead - I am a bit jealous, I LOVE bats, and would prefer them to be flying round my rl head :).

HorrorFest2 (2)

My skin is a new group gift from Glam Affair which was released with perfect timing when I was struggling to find a skin for this shoot.  I rarely wear even remotely pale skins, but I have enjoyed wearing something different for my Horrorfest posts.  

HorrorFest2 (5)

As I have no appliers for this skin, I couldn't wear my SLink hands (hence no close ups) but thanks to Gidge on Plurk I found out about the SLink mesh nails which you can use with appliers, so that is what I have used, this time with the pointed nail option.


Skin:  Glam Affair - Vera, horror edition C, group gift
Hair:  Rumina - Alyssa, anniversary edition
Eyes:  IKON - Utopia, dark red

Eyelashes: Redgrave - 6, natural
Nails:  SLink - Avatar Enhancement Fingernails
Appliers:  A:S:S - Black Drama

Dress:  SAKIDE for Horrorfest - Wilds dress, wine
Headpiece:  GSpot for Horrorfest - Imogens Headpiece, Prints, 3
Shoes:  TLB for Horrorfest - Creepy Pumps, Zombies
Jewellery:  Pure Poison - Black Arachnide Necklace

Poses:  Orc Inc – various poses from different packs
Backdrop:  KaTink 
Grave:  CIRCA for Horrorfest - Elysium Haunted open Grave (includes the bats)

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